Marketing Your Rank & Rent Sites

This training is not for everyone.

If you have multiple Rank & Rent Niche sites and you want an EASY
way to get people to pay you for them – this is the key!

With this training, you can set up a system to contact potential rank & rent customers EVERY DAY. And it only takes 30 seconds to launch a campaign.

• Don’t waste time trying to call people who have not shown interest.
• Don’t waste time sending 1000’s of emails that get ignored.
• Don’t beg for attention.

If you don’t know me already, I’m JR Fent. I’ve been successful in the marketing of RANK & RENT LEAGEN SITES for 7 years. I can give you the one secret that will change your business DRASTICALLY.

Think about this… If you sign up ONE Rank & Rent client per day at $500 per month, and you do that for the next 20 business days, you’d increase your income by: (drum roll please)


This is so simple that you can learn to do it in less than 1 HOUR and you can get your first new client in ONE DAY.

I’ll teach you the whole setup and how to operate it in a ONE-HOUR Zoom Call.
I’ll supply you with a copy of the Zoom Call and tutorial videos to follow along.


In just 10 DAYS, I increased my annual income by $102,000.

If you want the EASY WAY, strike that, THE LAZY WAY to get your Rank & Rent sites rented out, this is it!

I promise you this:
• It’s going to be RAW. This training is not fancy.
• This will be worth way more than I’m charging for it.
• This will get you on track to grow your business the way you want.

THIS WILL BE LIMITED TO 12 ATTENDEES. The clock is ticking.
The price is $1500.

The Zoom Call will be Friday December 1st at 2:00pm Central Time.
Invite code for Zoom will be sent by Friday by 2:00pm CST.

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